Occupational Therapy


Our primary goal at Firefly Center is to provide our clients with exemplary occupational therapy services. Following an evaluation, we will recommend one or more approaches to treatment. Here is a brief overview of the ways OT can assist our clients:

Individual OT Services:

Many of our clients receive individual OT sessions from Firefly Center. These services are typically provided 1-2 times per week. One-on-one meetings allow us to work intensively and sensitively with children on their areas of most pressing need. During this time, we also develop recommendations for how therapy activities can be transferred to home and school environments so that therapeutic gains are maximized. 

Small Group OT Services:

Children are powerful teachers and models for each other, and peer interactions play a critical  role in child development. To foster progress, lots of our clients participate in small group OT. We typically create groups of 2-3 children who have compatible strengths and challenges. In the group session, we work on each client’s individual needs, as well as helping children their build social interaction abilities and develop effective play skills.

Specialty Groups:

In addition to group OT, we also offer groups to work with children on particular skills. Group topics include school readiness, handwriting, perceptual motor skill, gross motor proficiency, and social skills. Groups may be time limited and are composed of children with similar needs.

Family and Caregiver Support:

At Firefly Center, our clients include both the children we serve, and also the child’s family members and support system. When caregivers understand the treatment plan, and feel supported and empowered to help the child outside of the clinic environment, we know we are doing our best to assist everyone involved. We are committed to partnering with families and teams to help the child both in and out of the clinic environment.

“Melisa Kaye has been a tremendous resource for me as an educator of young children. When I have needed professional guidance with children with developmental delays she has been an outstanding support. Her gracious connection with children, personal integrity and dedication to her profession are to be applauded. 

Melisa’s work goes far beyond evaluation and assessment. Melisa guides parents through understanding the intricacies of diagnosis and provides vital information as they navigate the route to the achievement of development and learning outcomes for their child’s unique needs. 

As an advocate of early intervention, I am incredibly grateful for the exceptional pediatric occupational therapy services Melisa has provided to our community!”  

—Catherine Alviso, Teacher at St. Paul's Co-Op Nursery School