Learning about sensory integration and sensory integration disorders can be a dizzying and overwhelming process. Here are some excellent resources to get you started.



Firefly Activity Guide         

Activities designed to provide sensory & motor system input, and to foster sensorimotor development. 

PEP at Firefly Center

Perceptual Enrichment Program identifies and remediates  congnitive difficulties in children and adults.


Children and Youth

The lives of children and youth is different than that of preschool age and younger. OT can still help.


Sensory Integration Facts

Sensory integration involves perceiving, modulating, organizing, and interpreting sensations to optimize life.


Building Play Skills

When children play they experience new ways to solve problems and learn skills needed to grow.


Learning Through Play

The act of play is an important tool that influences a child’s life. OTs use play to maximize healthy development.


OT for Children (0-3)

How does Occupational Therapy help children who have, or are at risk of having, developmental disabilities?


Preschool OT Fact Sheet

Occupational Therapists help children skills in the job of living so all children can learn.

OT in Educational Settings

Under the Individuals with Disabilities Educational Act, how Occupational Therapy helps all students learn.


Autism Fact Sheet

What is autism and what is the role of Occupational Therapy in the treatment of autism?


Mental Health in Children

Meaningful roles and activities lead to enhancement of emotional well-being, mental health, and social competence.


Checklist for Toy Shopping

The right toy can engage a child’s sense of curiosity, creativity, and imagination. This list can help.



An abundance of websites on sensory integration are available at the click of a button. Here is a small sampling to begin your journey:


There are a wealth of print resources on the topic of SI. Here are some great places to start. 


Beil & Peske (2009) Raising a Sensory Smart Child

Co-written by an occupational therapist and the parent of a child with sensory processing challenges, this informative book does a great job both describing sensory integration difficulties, and providing practical strategies to help. 


Kranowitz (2005) The Out of Sync Child

Written for parents and caregivers of children with sensory processing disorder, Kranowitz's seminal book provides solid information, sensitive insights, and lots of hope. 


Kranowitz (2016) The Out of Sync Child Grows Up

This book picks up where The Out-of-Sync Child left off, offering practical advice on living with SPD, covering everyday challenges as well as the social and emotional issues that many young people with SPD face. 


Miller (2014) Sensational Kids

Miller is an international expert on sensory processing disorder and this quality book offers a wealth of knowledge about addressing the challenge.


“Children dance before they know there is anything that isn't music.”

—William Stafford