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Firefly Center is a pediatric occupational therapy (OT) clinic located in Burlingame, CA. We provide services to children with a range of physical, developmental, cognitive, social-emotional and learning needs. Our team helps clients develop fine, gross and perceptual motor ability, build school skills (i.e. writing, drawing, sustaining attention, problem solving.), hone social skills, bolster self-esteem and self-confidence, and assist with sensory integration and self-regulation. 
Founded in 2004, Firefly Center is known for our highly-trained therapists, effective services, and dedication to children and their families. We provide individualized and holistic therapy services to clients in a safe and welcoming environment. We are happy to collaborate or provide consultation to teachers and other professionals who work with our clients. We are committed to fostering children’s well-being while helping them to reach their highest potential. 


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“My daughter’s development has grown by leaps-and-bounds in the past year, and I attribute much of her success to her involvement in OT with Melisa Kaye.”

—AFG, Parent